Life on Mars?

Imagine, if you will, an infinite blackness. A pitch dark blanket, stretching on and on and on, no beginning, no end. 

It is not an empty void, however. The blanket is peppered with bright, shiny lights. Brilliant little pin pricks burst through the dark, as if someone has taken a needle to a black piece of paper and shone a torch from behind.

The tiny holes of brightness turn out to be a variety of things. Some are enormous burning balls of energy, not only emitting light, but incredible heat as well. Stars.

Others revolve around these stars. Huge lumps of ice, unimaginable gas giants, and the occasional sphere of rock.

Upon one of these rocks, there is life. Apparently, it’s intelligent. But I suppose that’s all relative. Because it’s us, and only us. Out of all these billions of tiny little pin pricks, in the vast emptiness of space, we, for now, remain the only sign of life.

And we’re a planet of tiny little pricks.

So, here we are, alone amid a myriad of stars. The only planet with life. We are unique. We are special. But we are so, so fucking stupid.

Instead of savouring the fact that we are alone in the universe, we seem to resent each other. It’s one planet, with seven billion inhabitants. Each of us from one place. Planet Earth. Despite what Theresa May likes to think, a citizen of the world is something to be cherished, rather than chastised.

But somewhere down the line, humans became tribal. They drew imaginary lines on the ground, and invisible walls were built. Earth became divided, and was never the same again. 

Instead of of celebrating being the only intelligent life in the entire universe, we now jostle for position and authority. We posture and poke our noses in other people’s business. 

We also seem to hold an odd sense of superiority over those who weren’t born within our invisible walls. For some unknown reason, completely lost on myself, an enormous amount of people hold the life of someone born in their own country over someone who wasn’t. Just because of a simple accident of birth, these people think that outsiders are inferior to themselves. 

They think they shouldn’t be here. They don’t want them to come here. They say we’re full (we’re nowhere near it). They stoke up hatred. They think they’ll steal our culture (just what that is, completely eludes me). They imagine they’ll overpower our religions and instill their own. They claim they will sexually assault our wives and our daughters. They want you to believe that someone from outside our country is an enemy. They try to make think we should take care of our own, despite not raising a damn fist to fight for anyone or any cause in their entire life. 

They are misinformed. They are liars. And they are wrong.

It is deeply worrying just how resentful this country has become towards other creeds, cultures and individuals. The right-wing media must take the blame for fanning the flames and stirring up spite, with front page after front page of lies, damn lies and false statistics. 

Brexit has opened up this Pandora’s box of shit. These horrible individuals now feel that their racist views are legitimised. The media continue with their crusade of hate. God knows how we got here. And as the story goes, now that all the shit is out, all we’re left with is hope.

It’s either that, or putting our money on decent, intelligent life on Mars.

Earth appears to be doomed, book me a ticket to The Red Planet.


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